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We at “JATHAVEDA” (meaning Agni in Sanskrit) also known as JVPMC are a political management consultancy using management, media, digital and social media strategies. Our business goal is focused mainly on the study, creation and implementation of strategies designed to optimize the political actions of our clients to make their chosen objectives a reality. Our political consultants work with fresh candidates, MLAs, MP’s and political parties in India who contest the elections.

Our capabilities


“JVPMC” specialises in strategic Political Communication, Profiling and Management, Digital Media and Strategy management, and Polling & Political Data Analysis. Our primary goal is focused mainly on the study of the candidates, Creation and Implementation of strategies designed to optimize political actions and outcomes to make their objectives a reality. With politics as our heart-calling, our team of expert consultants have worked with companies, election candidates and parties in India 

Being data-driven and incorporating the latest technology has always been at the heart of our problem-solving approach. Our team comprises experts from different areas including Strategists, Researchers & Content Developers, Communications, Design & Creative thinkers, Audio-Visual Production, Media personnel, Event managers, Socio-Politico-Economic Analysts and Logistic managers. Our team comprises of people from the leading management and technical institutions such as IIMs, political background, as well as social media background and we take pride in the diversity of thought and culture that we bring to the table. With this robust team in place, we have successfully been involved in elections across India for more than 8 years.

world map showing india

Our Goal

Our goal is to make voters aware of their candidates’ party platforms. We are political enthusiasts who love to get involved in meticulously designing the right strategies in the right way, the right direction to work on developing and delivering the right message, reaching out and influencing the electorate and persuading them to act accordingly.

We can be your one-stop-poll-solution provider who can empower you to win the election. We adopt the latest technology to make your job much easier. We believe in bringing complete Transparency & Accountability into the Political system, in the process making democracy much more participative and representative.

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